Lectures 2020

Date Title Lecturer
20th Jan “So – they do cook after all!”. Ravillious, Bawden and the artists of Great Bardfield Jo Walton BA Dip Hist Art (Oxon). Freelance Lecturer and guide at Tate Modern
17th Feb A Carpet Ride to Khiva Chris Alexander. Author and expert on Central Asian Arts and Crafts
16th Mar The Glasgow Boys. Painting in Scotland 1875 - 1914 Julian Halsby MA RBA FRSA. Former Head of Department Croydon College of Art
20th April A Decorative Art. The History of Wallpaper Jo Banham. Former Head of Adult Programmes V and A Museum
18th May Journey Across the Himalayas Zara Fleming. Freelance Lecturer and Art Consultant
15th Jun Contemporary Art Tom Flynn, BA(Hons) MA D Phil. Art Historian
20th Jul . From Downton to Gatsby. Jewellery and Fashion from 1890 – 1929 Andrew Prince. Jewellery Designer
21st Sep “Mind the Gap” Charles Harris, BSc Iowa State. Creative Director 0f Advertising Agency
19th Oct The Shakers: Their Beliefs, Architecture and Art John Ericson, BA(Hons), Cert Ed, M ED. Former lecturer, University of Bath
16th Nov Jane Austen’s Christmas Claire Walsh, BA(Hons) MA(Distinction). Lecturer for the Open University